Who are we?
      Jo Draper​

"Love life-Live Free" 

My wellness journey first started many years ago when I mistakenly picked up a book by Louise Hay- 'You Can Heal Your Life'. This book awakened something within me and was the beginning of some significant lifestyle changes and in turn a huge transformation. Many things have happened since the day I picked up that book. I started on a journey of self-discovery and personal development and haven't stopped learning since. 


One of my most profound life experiences was during my yoga teacher training in Hawaii. It was here I learned to connect with my heart center and for the first time, I fully understood unconditional love. I recognized what it means to love others and myself without condition. I knew at that moment, I would continue to learn and to grow and I would eventually share this journey with others. 


I'm passionate about healthy living, good nutrition and care very much for the wellbeing of others. It was through my own health journey I discovered the healing power of food and overcame cancer by eating a raw, plant-based diet. Needless to say, I'm a massive advocate for holistic healing and raw foods. I've shared my own cancer journey openly and honestly in a mission to help others. By sharing the highs and the lows the challenges and the learnings it has encouraged many others to reach out and open up about their own health concerns; emotional, physical and mental. It has been a beautiful journey in so many ways. 


I'm passionate about building strong, resilient and happy communities and have supported the growth of many communities through my experience in community development. Including working actively to promote a positive wellness message and delivering various wellness retreats and health and wellness expos. Some of my most memorable experiences was delivering yoga in remote communities, in schools, and at family-friendly music festivals. 

Ashlee Rose 

I'm a bit of an old soul, a learning by doing relationship expert whether that be personal love or corporate warfare and an all-around good kiwi.


I've spent the last seven years exploring my own yoga, meditation and wellness practice and am not afraid to say I'm no expert. Part of the beauty and my love for the wellness and yoga journey is that it has no limits. It's bound not by an end goal but like the Sahasrara chakra held within the realm of our own limitless potential. 


I'm not afraid to pull up my socks and dig in deep supporting my friends, family or work colleagues through the muck that life sometimes throws our way. We just have to learn that the muck is ours and sometimes the only option is to wade through it.


I've learned so much through supporting Jo on her journey to overcome cancer and know that my ability to care intently, love deeply and unconditionally (thanks mum and dad) has supported her and others during their times of anguish. And will offer that same commitment, love and listening to anyone who comes to our retreats or simply who reaches out for support.


I'm also a change maker when it comes to workplaces or communities. I've spent time in regional Australia developing the liveability of towns through arts and culture development - we all know we are more fulfilled, content and satisfied when our creativity is stimulated, our sense of belonging activated and when we've got a place for a creative outlet.


I've worked closely with different employers to develop their company culture, build better relationships within teams and it wouldn't be unusual to find me in front a sales team delivering mantra, visualizations or meditations for success and teamwork



Why Kaimana? 

Power of the ocean

So like all good trips to Bali and over raw treats and Kombucha, the idea was born to deliver wellness retreats and programs that embodied our philosophy on life, our friendship and our thirst for adventure. 


Kaimana means the power of the ocean in Hawaiian, a name that was discovered during an epic trip to Hawaii together. Like us, the ocean is wild, untamed, full of life and adventure. 


Our retreats or programs are not about getting your leg above your head but about finding time to connect, enjoy and personally develop. We'll take you through an experience that doesn't only focus on yoga but also adventure including hiking, surfing, supping, snorkeling whatever fun activities we can find. 


You'll leave our retreats or programs feeling clearer, more connected to your natural self, motivated and with your own inner power strengthened. 


The name represents who we are, what we stand for and is a beautiful reminder of our time traveling together.  


SOul sisters

We first met over five years ago while working in a remote regional town, in the far north of Western Australia. With an instant connection, our friendship soon grew into a much deeper connection; we're soul sisters.


We've traveled four continents together and shared many activities including surfing, snowboarding, bungy jumping, hiking, boating, and skydiving. We've laughed together and cried together. As individuals, we're kind and compassionate and maintain a huge respect for our planet. Together we're spirited, passionate and strive to help people and to make a change.


We believe in building strong and resilient communities and are advocates of paying it forward, through volunteering.  All of our retreats include an option to volunteer an hour of your time to give back to a local community.  


We've volunteered in turtle monitoring programs, cyclone cleanups, natural disaster cleanups, Fire Brigade, Sea Shephard, Trash Heros and delivered community yoga and meditation. It is not uncommon to find us cleaning up a beach, helping a local community or running an event to raise money for charity. 


We're passionate and spirited and laugh a lot - hence why we've designed retreats with that same ethos.