• Ashlee Rose

Bali New Year Yoga Retreat

Well, where do I start? What a week! Our Kaimana Tribe is growing with amazing friends who shared a week of laughter, tears, beach walks, #yoga, workshops, #goodfood and good memories with us!

We loved every minute of it and got so much out of seeing people develop emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our hearts are full!

The Yoga

Across the week we all developed our yoga practice. There is something powerful about doing that much yoga every day. Not only does it make you feel great physically and emotionally but it gives you so much #energy. Despite moving our bodies, working hard and withstanding some of Jo's STRONG power classes we all felt amazing, energised and although everything was optional no one didn't show up on the mat every day!

We've all left with a commitment to continue our practice, develop our #meditation and use our #breath more. Our breath is such a vital part of living and gives us so much energy - it's so important we look after how we are breathing and give it the attention it deserves.

The Program

Taking time to focus on ourselves isn't something we do often enough. People are continually focusing on family, children, work at the expense of their wellness. We lose touch with our own emotions and become accustomed to putting others needs ahead of our own. The thing is we can't help others unless we first help ourselves. It's why they tell you in aeroplane safety videos to put your mask on first before assisting others!

The week gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to delve deeply into their inner world; emotions, heart, spirituality, body - whatever required some attention. The workshops shone a light on those areas of our inner world that needed some love and attention and assisted in forming new thought patterns, and ways of being, that would better serve their health for 2019.

Intentions not Resolutions

Instead of starting the New Year with a list of resolutions we set out to create intentions. Intentions guided not by the head but by the inner world and our soul! We spent some time looking at our individual levels of wellness. Most people lead pretty healthy lives most of the time which is excellent, but when you look more closely at the 12 dimensions of wellness, some areas for improvement are uncovered. These were great as areas of intent for the year.

Intentions to create a better relationship with oneself rather than resolutions to join the gym. Subtle but powerful differences guided by an undercurrent of inner purpose.

The Meditation

With all great yoga comes great meditation, opportunities to look inside ourselves, notice the minds activity, breath, relax and release. It's not something we often do in everyday life. That is to sit still and watch; watch the mind, notice emotions, be non-judgemental to whatever comes up. But the practice of meditation is one of the most powerful take-homes from a retreat! It's the subtle improvements in the quality of our thoughts that over time make a huge impact on our lives and our way of living. Meditation is a practice and something that takes time and commitment. It's great to see so many of our participants taking home an intention to practice their meditation more.

There is so much more to a #wellness #retreat like this than #yoga. It's the relationships you form, the light you shine on yourself, the time you give back to you and the information you learn that is so much more than just a physical practice. What more can I say? I'd just encourage you to attend our next one to really find out what it's about!

It was so rewarding to see so much growth and development in our #tribe, and we are so proud of their commitment and strength, and it was great to see how much their yoga practice improved! Well done guys!

My clothes are looser, my heart is fuller, my skin is lighter, and my tension has dissipated, and with that, there is only one thing left to do... plan the next one!

Will we see you there?