• Ashlee Rose

Our Winter Wellness Retreat in Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Well, what a week of #healing #yoga #bali and #personalgrowth. We laughed together, cried together, screamed under waterfalls and shared stories over amazing food. Our minds are wiser, our souls are happy, and our hearts are full.

We arrived early to prepare the space for our guests and soak up the zen that the Mahalani instantly offers. As you walk into the Mahalani (our amazing retreat space), you can't help but smile. The sun shines on the ocean, the abundance of trees and flowers welcome you, and the staff are so friendly and hospitable that you can't help but relax. If first impressions are anything to go by, you know as you walk into the space that it's going to be a fantastic week. And that first impression was 100% accurate.

Day One: Welcome

Excitement levels were high as the Kaimana team waited in anticipation for their guests to arrive. Always such an exciting time!

After meeting and greeting our new Kaimana Tribe, we launched straight into our welcome circle and first yoga class. This was the first time many of our guests have participated in a yoga and, boy did they do well!

Pretty much on queue as we started the meditation a Balinese ceremony marched by with the eventful sounds of tambourines and chanting.

Naturally, we went with it, and our yoga nidra was now done to the sounds of a Balinese ceremony.

Day Two: Workshops

The day started with a beautiful poolside/oceanside yoga class. Ashlee delivered a traditional Asana and pranayama class to activate the Manipura chakra (solar plexus) and the pranamaya kosha body (energy body).

After a magnificent breakfast comprised of fresh eggs, local fruit and dragon fruit smoothie bowls, we launched into the first wellness workshop. It was here we learnt about the energy wellness system and were given the tools to measure our current levels of wellness — a great learning experience for all.

After enjoying another mouth-watering meal, we had free time, where most took the opportunity to relax by the pool and absorb the days' learnings. Late afternoon I delivered a yin yoga class which was a first for most of the participants. Being completely relaxed and in total zen, we floated to the dinner table for another home-cooked meal. Yes, we talk about food a lot... 😉

After dinner, we chatted, laughed and curled up for a documentary. It was a big day, so most didn't quite make it through the documentary and retired to bed nice and early.

Day Three: Waterfall

We welcomed the morning as we watched the sun peel up over the ocean. I delivered a Vinyasa Flow class under the shades of the coconut trees. There's nothing quite like meditating listening to the sounds of the ocean and birds chirping. Pure Bliss 💙

Following another mouth-watering breakfast of fresh eggs and local tropical fruit, we all piled into the van and headed up to the waterfall. After a short hike, the whole tribe climbed in and played beneath the fall. There's something so magnificent about standing in the fresh mountain air with water pouring over you from above.

A precious gift from mother nature. We felt reenergised. We felt alive!

The afternoon involved more delicious food and some chill time. Some sat by the pool, others found their quiet patch of paradise in the gardens, and some went for massages. After our eventful and adventurous morning, we felt a nice gentle Hatha afternoon yoga class appropriate, followed by a new moon meditation and intention setting.

More hang time after dinner, followed by the second half of our documentary.

Day Four: Rest Day

Today we got a free day. We all had the choice to get out and about, but most of us took this as another opportunity to rest and relax. It's so rare in life we really get to do this.

Our day mostly comprised of good conversation, good food, massages, or relaxing with a good book.

Following another afternoon yin yoga class and dinner, we all regrouped for some candle gazing and a beautiful Yoga Nidra meditation.

We floated off to bed, and all fell quickly into a deep sleep.

Day Five: Workshops

Today was a big day!

Following our morning yoga session and breakfast, we jumped straight into the first workshop. We learnt all about our own limiting beliefs and considered any thought patterns that do not serve us or help us reach our full potential. This workshop was an emotional one, as some experienced some big realisations.

We had lunch and then regrouped for the goal and intention setting workshop. We spent some time thinking about our soul purpose and put that into an action plan and self-commitment.

After dinner, we gathered around the fire for 'letting go ceremony". Throughout the day, we journaled and wrote down on paper anything that no longer serves us, or thoughts that we needed to let go of and threw that piece of paper in the fire. We watched those limiting beliefs and unwanted thought patterns diminish right before our eyes.

Then it was time to party! We danced around the fire like no one was watching! The party didn't stop there as we all jumped into the pool. It was such a fun night full of dancing, laughter and great conversation.

Day Six: Volunteering

This was our last morning yoga session together so we thought we would throw in a power yoga class. Beneath the strength of the hot Indonesian sun, we really got our sweat on. What a great way to detox to start to the day.

We indulged in our favourite breakfast (dragon fruit smoothie bowls), then regrouped for the beach clean up. We were blown away by the amount of enthusiasm for this group to get out there, get their hands dirty and clean up the beach. Much gratitude! 🥰

To seal our week's yoga, we ended with a yin yoga session specifically designed to align our chakras as we watched the sunset over the ocean.

It was a mix of emotions today. So grateful to spend time together and enjoy the company of our new found friends but also experiencing some feelings of sadness as we know tomorrow will be that last day of the retreat.

Day Seven: Farewell

What a heartfelt morning!

This was a day of very mixed emotions. Through the goodbye ceremony we laughed, we danced, and we cried. But, what was strongest was the love felt by all. The love we have for each other, the love we have for this place and the love we have for ourselves.

What an amazing journey we have all experienced together.

Until we meet again ❤️ ❤️❤️

What do you think? Is a yoga wellness retreat with us on the cards? We'd love to hear from you about how something like this sounds?

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