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The top 5 reasons to do a New Year yoga retreat

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

My wellness journey first stared many years ago when I mistakenly picked up a book by Louise Hay - 'You Can Heal Your Life'. This was the beginning of some significant lifestyle changes and in turn a big transformation. Many things have happened since the day I picked up that book, including attending more Yoga retreats and workshops than I can count. My most profound life experience was during my Yoga teacher training in Hawaii. It was here I learnt how to connect to my heart centre and for the first time I fully understood unconditional love. I understood what it meant to love others and myself ‘without condition’. I knew from that moment it was something I would continue to learn and grow and I would eventually share this journey with others.

Why do I keep going back for more retreats? Because each and every time I attend a retreat I walk away feeling energised and enlightened. Yoga retreats are beneficial at any time of the year, but here are my top 5 reasons why I would recommend attending a yoga retreat in the New Year.

1. Tap into that New Year energy

There’s something magnificent about entering the new year. People feel excited, are motivated and are highly energised. Billions of people come together to celebrate, creating an elevated universal #energy. This unique and beautiful energy is something we can tap into, to create and design our individual intentions and set new paths. Instead of creating a list of unachievable goals or intentions, that will be forgotten quicker than they were created, enter the new year in a positive, calm and quiet mindset. A New Year #retreat has the potential to help you gain clarity, seek for deeper truth, and possibly find the answers you've been searching for.

2. Make new friends - find ‘your people’

One of the main reasons I keep going back to yoga retreats is the people I meet. If you do a yoga retreat (even solo) its guaranteed, you’ll connect instantly with likeminded people and leave with newfound friendships. These friendships can often be stronger and deeper than with people you have known for years. We all know that “Your vibe attracts your #tribe”, so make new friends and connect with people that will keep you inspired, accountable and motivated throughout the new year.

3. Eat well. Live well

If your intention is to begin the new year with a healthy mind and healthy body, then your half way there. When you do an all-inclusive #yogaretreat you can rest assured knowing the food is going to be nutritious and delicious. But most importantly you won’t have to grocery shop, meal plan or cook. You won’t have to lift a finger! For a week you get to sit back, relax, eat well and live well. Amen!

4. You will actually meditate

If you are anything like me, incorporating a regular #meditation practice doesn’t come easily. By attending a yoga retreat you will practice yoga and meditation at least twice per day. You don’t have to think about it or force it, it’s simply part of your daily practice. After a week of daily dedicated meditation practice you’ll feel calmer, more centred and can take that away and incorporate it into your daily routine.

5. Have a digital detox

I simply love a good social media #detox! Our phones have become a part of us. Our need to constantly check emails, text messages and social media updates has become so prevalent we have given it a name - 'Nomophobia'. Social media is a tool to keep us 'connected', but also causes ‘disconnect’ in so many ways. By attending a yoga retreat you can unplug, unwind and enjoy your little patch of paradise while leaving your outside worries behind. Bliss....

A bonus reason - Because you deserve it!

The Christmas/New Year period can be a great time to connect with love ones and have fun but in turn can be quite a stressful time. We overindulge and cram in so much social activity, we can come out the other side feeling completely exhausted. And let’s be honest, as much as we love our family, too much time together can sometimes suck the living life out of us. Often holidays are more about doing, while a retreat is simply about being. A retreat will encourage you to leave the outside world behind. You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, inspired and deeply rested. #Unplug from the outside world and tap into what is most important and often so forgotten – you!

We invite you to join us for our 7 day ‘New Year Bali Bliss’ retreat and experience what we have listed above. We have found the perfect retreat space in the far north of Bali. This remote location is situated right on the beach front and offers a little secluded patch of paradise for you to relax, unwind and disconnect from our hectic world. You will get away from the hustle and bustle and experience the ‘true’ Bali. When you attend one of our retreats we guarantee you will laugh, you will have fun and you will leave with new found friendships. You will join our ‘love tribe’ and continue to be part of our community.

Visit www.kaimanawellness.com for details and to book your space.

We want to hear more about you! Share your reasons why you would go on a new year retreat in the comments below!

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