• Jo Draper

Unleashing your inner child

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Do you remember when you were a little child? Do you remember the freedom of running around barefoot, or dancing like no one was watching? Remember when you could dive into your food and spread it all over your face. It tasted good and you went for it, because you didn’t know any different. Do you remember when embarrassment, fear or shame was something you simply didn’t understand? Do you remember when you could love freely and unconditionally, because your heart had never been broken?

We are born free from prejudice, judgment, shame or guilt. These are learnt attributes that society and other people have instilled in us. It may have come from a teacher, a parent or our peers. Can you think back to a time when you were a little child and had a vision, or a dream?  Maybe a you aspired to be an astronaut, a dancer, or the first female Prime Minister. You had faith and believed in yourself, as no one had told you any differently. Throughout our lives others tell us we can’t have, want, or need certain things. This forms our ‘limiting beliefs’.

“That career path is not for you”

“It won’t pay enough”

“You’re not creative enough”

“You’re not strong enough”

“Too many other people are already doing that”

“Don’t start that business. It’s too risky”

“I know someone who tried that once and it didn’t work out”

“You’re too old”

“You’re too young”

Sound familiar?

Imagine stepping back into your inner child. Finding that innocent little girl, or boy and taking good care of them. What would you tell them? How would you look after them and protect them? What words of advice would you give them? 

Life happens. We go to school, to college, start careers and take on mortgages. We often get married and start a family. Our level of responsibility increases, whilst simultaneously our ability to let go and have fun decreases. 

I look at children and admire them. They maintain such a sweet sense of innocence. They are honest and real. Children speak truthfully, simply because it is what they feel. They cry when they need to and laugh when they need to. They don’t hide or hold emotion, because they haven’t learnt that social skill yet. Except, when we supress emotion, or forget who we really are, it manifests in the body as disease. We can get so caught up in life and feel burdened by responsibility, we forget how to let go and truly be free.  

So, I encourage you every now and then, to tap into your inner child. Connect with them and ask them what they need. What was it that you once loved as a child that you may have forgotten?

Here are some of the ways I like to embrace my inner child:

Dance like no one is watching 

Next time you’re at home alone, crank up the music and shake that booty! Dancing connects us to our soul and makes us feel alive.

Ride your bike 

There’s something about jumping on my mountain bike that spikes an instant grin from ear to ear. It makes me makes me feel happy. I feel alive. I feel free. I’m connecting to my inner child.

Play in the mud

Remember how fun it was to play in the mud? Either jumping through puddles, building castles in the sand, or for some, eating mud! So, go get your hands dirty. Grow a veggie garden. It’s fun, it connects you to nature, and is good for your health! Digging through mud exposes us to those yummy nutrient rich soils and contributes to good gut health.   

Spend time in nature 

Whatever that is for you. Walk, surf, ride, swim or hike. Mother nature feeds our soul and ignites something within us which makes us feel good.


Rewind time and visualise yourself as a child. Connect to that little boy or girl and ask them what they need. What can you do for them? What words of advice can you give them? It really is a beautiful and healing exercise.

Release emotion 

What does a child do when they feel sad? They cry, and they reach for a loved one. It is our instinctive, primal and natural behaviour. However, for so many of us growing up we were taught to supress our emotion. We feel shame to cry in public, or let people see us sad. We are human beings. We are emotional creatures. We are not happy, or strong, 100%, all the time. And that's ok. Let people see your vulnerability. Kick, scream, or cry if you need to. Sit in your sadness, feel it and acknowledge that it won’t last forever.  

Laugh out loud 

I love to laugh. Every single day! Laughing releases endorphins. Enough said.  

We would love to hear your thoughts! When was the last time you connected to your inner child and truly felt free? What were you doing that gave you that feeling? Comment below and share your story.