• Ashlee Rose

What to expect from a wellness yoga retreat?

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

Attending something unknown can sometimes full us with trepidation, fear, and self-doubt. Our mind goes wild with all the reasons why not, with all the reasons not to embrace the fear and move through it but rather to stay put.

But it’s often from this space of the unknown that the greatest #selfdevelopment and growth can occur. Evolution rarely comes from comfort zones, it rarely comes from our mind telling us no but rather from our intuition pushing us forward through whatever our mind or self-limiting beliefs are telling us, and into the zone where ‘inner work’ can be done.

Attending a #yoga #wellness #retreat or any form of training, personal development work is often where self-doubt can creep in. Hell, I’ve even seen it in attending a friendly #yoga class. People looking outside of themselves for reassurance that they’re in the right place or doing it right or looking like the next person in their mountain pose. It’s our innate reaction to seek approval from others rather than connecting inward for the answers.

So if you’re thinking about attending a #yoga #retreat, try not to overthink but tap into that inner child that Jo talks about in her recent blog and jump into it. Be the kid you once were who took on school, learning, new ideas and philosophies with excitement and willingness.

Often our minds can over-analysis our actions, suppressing our ability to make decisions through intuition or feeling. Our mind overwhelms our capacity to feel into whether it’s right for you. We’re not able to intuitively decide to do that #yoga #retreat or head to that wellness program or jump on a plane to #Bali for a #NewYear’s yoga retreat! But instead talk ourselves out of it – it’s the wrong time of the year, I can’t find someone to look after the kids, work won’t give me the leave (but you haven’t even asked yet).

Try and ask yourself does it feel right? #Meditate on it. Sit with the feeling of it without prejudice or judgment. Visualize yourself at the #retreat and how it would make you feel to give yourself space, love, and compassion a retreat would offer.

It’s human nature though, right? Or it’s at least the now normalized nature of how we live in our current worlds. So too put that overreacted mind at ease here is what to expect from a #yoga or #wellnessretreat.

It will be fun

You’re coming together with people who share a common goal and are keen to develop in some way. While people could be there more for the yoga, the food, the retreat programming or the fun activities, it’s all centered around merely being, coming together and having fun. Our retreats, in particular, are designed around our thirst for adventure, our desires to never stay in comfort zones and the inner work that always comes from us being together. Whenever Jo and I are together, we don’t stop laughing, feeding on one another’s loving energy and engaging and embracing whomever we met. That same fun light-hearted #energy will wrap around you the moment you enter our space in a way that will have you instantly smile, laugh and relax.

Daily yoga

There will be regular #yoga classes. Depending on the philosophy of the retreat facilitator they may offer different styles of yoga throughout your stay. Or may even merely keep with a vinyasa flow style. The great thing about trying different methods is that they all offer something slightly different and thus create a different experience and opportunity for inner work. At a #retreat having a few different styles within a week can help you to connect with what works for you and take away a preferred mode of practice.

At a Kaimana Wellness retreat, there’ll be at least two yoga classes per day each themed around different things and different styles including yin yoga, off the wall yoga, Nidra Vidra relaxations and pranayama and meditation. Our yoga is focused on supporting and helping you with wherever you’re at in your yoga journey whether you’re stepping into your first class at our retreat or you’ve been practicing for years.


Being immersed in a live-in retreat means you don’t have to worry about anything. That mind of yours can become entirely quiet. Someone will be preparing amazing nourishing meals for you (if it’s a full board retreat) meaning you don’t have to worry about trying to find somewhere wholesome to eat and giving you time to sit back relax and enjoy the show.

Between classes and programming, there will be plenty of time to relax, read a book, chat with people, go for a walk or do whatever your heart desires. Of course, any of the programmings is optional although encouraged!

Non-yoga activity

While non-yoga activities might not always be something a retreats offers, at Kaimana Wellness, it’s an important part of what we create. You’re in an amazing location, like #Bali, a place you may not have ever been before so let’s get out there and explore!

Of course, whatever we’re out there doing will be focused around getting out of our comfort zones in a supported and fun environment but at the same time connected back to an overarching wellness philosophy. It could be morning sunrise walks or quick dips in the #ocean, visiting a local attraction or silent hikes to amazing cleansing waterfalls.


You won’t starve! But will likely be introduced to plant-based #wholesomefood that rests on principals of nourishment, flavor, and healing. While it could be different from your normal daily diet, it’ll be yummy, fulfilling and there should always be plenty to go around. You may even leave with a new appreciation for a different food choice than what you’re typically used to. Jo and I are both big eaters and love great #wholesomefood shared with friends. So, the menu is as important to us as the #yoga and programming.

You’ll leave with a gift

You’ll leave a yoga/wellness/self-development retreat (whatever you want to call it) with a gift. The gift that you gave to yourself when you permitted yourself to attend. The gift that you get during the retreat from #laughter, #innerwork, yoga, self-improvement and new knowledge. And they gift you take away. That could be; a new way of being, daily yoga practice and new meditation techniques, new friends and a support group, a clear, loving intention or merely a clear, quiet mind.

I don’t think it’s possible to attend a retreat and leave having confirmed the statements your mind will tell you when you’re trying to decide to attend. At least not when you’ve tuned into your intuition, tuned into the feeling of the retreat, the location and of course the retreat facilitators.

Certainly, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and ask questions or if you can’t get a feel for them from their website then share your goals and objectives for attending and feel into their answers to see if it’ll serve your intention.

We’d love to hear your #wellness #goals or objectives or even just where you’re at right now? Are you thinking about doing a retreat and feeling some trepidation? Let us know what your self-doubt is if you’re having any?