At Kaimana Wellness we want to help others discover, maintain and find balance in their health and wellness journey. Our retreats aim to create a space for people to come together in a fun, friendly and supported environment.


When you attend one of our retreats we guarantee you'll laugh, you'll have fun and you’ll leave with new found friendships. You'll join our ‘love tribe’ and continue to be part of our community.

3-Day Reset

This retreat is perfect for a short reset. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect, explore, enjoy and learn. 


You're guaranteed to leave feeling well rested, with new learnings and having laughed... a lot! 


These are short, sharp and jam-packed with good food, good vibes, fun times and the opportunity to reset, recharge and revitalize.


Locations & dates coming soon.


Winter Escape Retreat

Our winter escape retreat has been specifically designed to leave you feeling refreshed with sun-kissed skin, love in your heart and a plan for the second half of the year that commits to your wellness and personal growth.

 We’ll delve into a week of yoga, meditation, friendships and exploration. Enjoying an opportunity to fully commit to ourselves and our practice, restoration and relaxation.  
Our goal is for you to leave feeling rested, restored, a heart filled with love with plenty of fun, laughter-filled memories to guide you into the second half of 2019.  
This is an opportunity to learn more deeply, adventure more fully and explore both our host country and ourselves more thoroughly.  

Choose wellness this year!



12- Days of Wellness

This retreat program is themed on the twelve dimensions of wellness.


Each day a different theme will guide us in our yoga and meditation practice, in our workshops and in the activities of the day. 


Through exploring the twelve dimensions of wellness in our yoga practice and daily program we’ll uncover new learnings and new ways of thinking designed to guide us more fully in our daily lives.


Locations & dates coming soon. 


Workplace wellness

In New Zealand and Australia, there’s dramatically increasing rates of stress-related illness, decreasing levels of employee engagement and increased absenteeism including stress leave. Employees are looking for more than just pay when it comes to deciding on their employer of choice and wellness programs are no longer unheard of. 


More so than ever companies are looking to recruit the best talent, retain the best staff, develop higher levels of engagement and increased levels of productivity. Workplace wellness can help you achieve an emotionally intelligent, resilient, cooperative and happy workforce that can overcome challenging situations. 

Corporate Yoga

Workplace wellness increases job satisfaction, reduces stress in the workplace and improves employee engagement. 


A team building yoga session is the perfect way to warm up for a productive workday. For those who are largely sedentary it gets them moving, breathing, and connecting plus helps reduce the chances of common repetitive motion injuries by re-setting our postures and making us mindful of our bodies while at the computer/seated.


For those more physical workplaces, yoga is perfect to warm people up before the activities of the day. It's a great inclusion for your health and safety program working to reduce the most common work-related injury, overexertion.


Wellness Discussions

Looking for a more engaged, vitalized workforce? Who understand more about keeping well, are less stressed and more connected?  


Our wellness discussions will leave your employees with techniques to deal better with stress, look after themselves more fully and turn up better not only for themselves but for their life’s. Our discussions can include topics on self-responsibility & love, breathing, eating moving, or feeling as well as communicating, emotional intelligence and developing a daily yoga practice. 


These workshops work to develop a stronger, more connected company culture.  One where employees feel valued, their wellbeing supported and where their engagement at work is high. 

Wellness Program

Have you got a unique workplace and are keen to improve engagement and company culture?


We can customize a program, especially for your goals. Taking in all the 12 dimensions of wellness we'll work with you to formulate a unique program that is ongoing, fulfilling and specific to the demographics of your employees.


Whatever your goals are we can work with you to develop a program that will be engaging.